Natural Harmony

 As an earthy heart beats, guitar trees rooted in rhythm branch in to leaves and flowers. Songs forged in the fires of creativity are born into sound and upon the wind spread their gracious wings. Melodies and harmonies dance graciously and playfully, air wobbles, passionate words, stories of our time, of all time, of no time combine and flow like water towards the listening sea. MudWood music is elemental.

Amira and Jo MudWood

create harmony together through Music, Art, and Life.

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The MudWood Story

 Deep in the green woods, beyond the mossy veil, amongst mushrooms and toadstools, in the heart of the forest, is an enchanted place called MudWood.  For MudWood to be found, Amira (Mud) and Jo (Wood) first had to find each other. They met in a wonderful place where they now live.

MudWood’s debut album “Shine” is available now in the Shop and for download through the Bandcamp link on the left.  Their second album is in the pre-production stage.

Vocal harmonies blend together like felted locks of fleece creating a rich musical fabric of almost tactile quality,yet divine in spirit.

These harmonies dance with the warm, silky strings of the acoustic Guitar and the ethereal presence of the Harp.

The beating heart is the world percussion; featuring the Udu, Tabla, Darbuka, Djembe, and other hand percussion.

The whole being, living, breathing, and singing is MudWood.

MudWood is a wonderful duo of diversity,world sounds, original songs, and creative music. A wonder-filled creative team that share in the joys of co-creation with collaborative projects.

Jo and Amira are also the founders of MamaZing Kombucha.

You can hear MudWood music here on our Home page.

Jo and Amira are partnered together in life and in music, spreading the love of both around the globe.

Amira Mudfaery MudWood


With a voice that seems to echo from other realms, Amira is a diverse Vocalist with a unique sound.  Her songwriting is powerful and poignant.  Her harmonies weave through melodies with the delicacy of spun silk and the strength of Hemp.

Amira’s ethereal, improvisational Harp is captivating and can send listeners , (including herself while playing), into a deeply peaceful and tranquil state.

An Artist of many mediums, Amira is known as “the Mudfaery” around the world.  Decades of performing live sculpture in front of people have added to a wonder-filled path of creativity and inspiration.  Visit the Arts page on this website for more.

With roots in the Middle East, Amira has embraced world Percussion and naturally integrates her feel for Middle Eastern rhythms into her playing.  She plays Udu, Darbuka, and the Tabla Dayan.  As well as Djembe and other hand drums.

Amira also teaches Vocals, Hand Percussion, Improvisational Harp, Song Writing, and Middle Eastern Dance.  Also passionate about health and wellness, Amira is the co-creator of MamaZing Kombucha.

Jo Barlow MudWood


Jo, his voice and acoustic guitar go back many years, and by now the connection is intrinsic. The music which flows forth from deep within is pure, honest and connected to source. His heart belongs in the mossy woodland realm, this resonates throughout his songs.  Jo is a Vocalist with a voice pure and true. Jo is known for his delicate and intricate Guitar playing, meaningful and appealing songwriting, and multi-instrumental skills including Flute, Mbira, and percussion.

Jo also teaches Guitar, Vocals, and Song Writing.

Jo is also passionate about health and wellness and is the co-creator of MamaZing Kombucha.

Together, Jo and Amira form MudWood.  For many years they have been sharing their love, music, and art with the world.  Enjoy!